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Top 10 apps to edit Youtube videos

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We will only discuss the top 10 apps to edit YouTube videos. YouTube is such a platform where you can to create a video with her camera that you can share, like, watch, upload, and comment on. Let’s discuss the top 10 apps to edit YouTube videos.

Top 10 apps.

  1. FilmoraGo
  2. Kinemaster
  3. Inshot
  4. Power Director
  5. Video show
  6. Viva video
  7. Magisto
  8. Filmer
  9. Quik
  10. Camtasia


For beginners as well as advanced content creators, FilmoraGo is easy to use and it is free to use. Video editing software that includes all features like audio, text, emoji, special effects, filters, background color, transitions, and more.

Filmora has got more than 659k reviews, and 4.3 stars about your working criteria. It works well and is highly effective. It got 4.3 stars because it depends on users. Some users don’t have the experience to use them so they do not give more than 4 stars to this.


Kinemaster is good and easy to use for beginners, and also for advanced content creators. Kinemaster’s new version has advanced features, but it includes a watermark on their screen. If you are a beginner, then you will face problems using Kinemaster, especially removing the watermark.

Old versions do not have some features like transition effects, video quality is good but not such HD.

The company has received 4.7M reviews and 4.5 stars from its users. FilmoraGo is happy with the results. With the Kinemaster, you can add logos and you can move them from down to up using the chroma key.


In addition to editing YouTube videos, this app makes the top 10 apps to edit YouTube videos. Inshot is straightforward to use for mobile, tablet, and iPhone users. But users of PC and laptops face a bit of a problem editing YouTube videos. Full-HD result of the video, and it also includes features like translation, audio, music, text, and many more others.

Inshotpro has a premium version.

Because of its 13M reviews and 4.8 stars, InShot has a better result than Kinemaster. Inshot has more reviews and starts than other apps, so it has better results than FilmoraGO and KineMaster.

Power Director

PowerDirector is a very good video editor app that includes full-featured apps.


All features like adding music, transitions, motion titles, time laps, emoji background, filters and etc.


PowerDirector’s got more than 1.6M reviews and more than 4.5 stars from her under. It is good and easy to use for beginners and also for advanced content creators.

Operating system

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, and also operate with Android, IOS.

Video Show

VideoShow is excellent and easy to use for beginners, and it’s a free tool to edit videos.


Video Show has got more than 5M reviews and more than 4.6 stars from their users. It is APK mood, and we can use this only for mobile, tablet, and Android. In some places, this app has got more than 125 reviews.


Music addition, filters, text. It allows basically movies to be edited on his platform.

Viva videos

Viva videos is a full-featured app to edit Youtube videos that are captured by the camera or downloaded from Google.


Video editing features are included in VivaVideos, like cutting, trimming, cropping, merging video, adding music, text, and transitions.


Viva video mobile application is ha got more than 12M reviews and 4.6 stars from their users.


Filmer is effortless to use for beginners and also for a professional video editor. It is a free feature application for content creators. Filmer has got more than 512k reviews and 4.6 stars. We can say that it is excellent and can be used to work on it.


These PC and laptop applications edit video. These are good applications to edit videos. It includes some good features which I faced and well-liked one. You can extract your voice from their video. But mostly featured are the same as others have.


You can edit and create well-structured videos using these apps as a beginner or professional. First, you should feature, operate the system and review these apps and then use it.

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