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Atolia workplace software review

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Atolia is a French firm that develops project management software that connects companies and employees. Atolia provides an all-in-one workspace for remote teams, similar to other management and collaboration tools.


What Are Atolia’s Characteristics?

Because there are other similar solutions on the market that are more well-known, Atolia does not instantly come to mind when thinking of collaboration and management software. However, don’t neglect Atolia, as it can give comparable service quality and may even be a better option than well-known brands.

The collaborative part, the organizational section, and the productivity section are the three key sections in Atolia. Atolia allows its users complete control over their communication and productivity through these parts.

The following is a full summary of Atolia’s primary characteristics:

Section for Collaboration

Users can simply communicate within the team using this section.

Instant Messaging — Atolia’s instant messaging platform has a user-friendly interface that allows users to speak and trade documents anonymously and securely on the same platform. The platform, like other collaboration platforms, may effortlessly invite other participants by sending invitation links.

Video Conferencing– Atolia also allows users to make seamless video and phone calls. This functionality also allows presenters to share their screens and use an interactive whiteboard. Furthermore, the platform can accommodate up to 100 attendees at every conference, whether they are internal or external to your company.

Section on Organization

This area allows users to optimize their work in order to achieve their objectives.

Document sharing – with this function, teams may freely share crucial documents on a secure platform. It also has a drag-and-drop capability for better document control, as well as the ability for teams to effortlessly sync their work with Google Drive and Dropbox.

Shared Calendars – a calendar that allows you to keep track of team tasks and deadlines simply. This calendar can be used by external users to keep track of key events in your company. Users can also export and import events from and to any other calendar application.

Section on Productivity

This section makes it simple for teams to manage and track critical initiatives inside the company.

Project Management – This tool enables you to personalize and manage key activities in a smooth manner. The application can also be used to separate work for individual team members and notify them of ongoing and completed projects.

Why should you go to Atolia?

Because there is so much competition in offering services through management software, Atolia is frequently neglected by purchasers who prefer to use other, more well-known providers. You should also keep in mind that your company’s and team’s needs will alter throughout the length of the services.

Finding alternatives and substitutes will become an element of project management software’s administration of a team. Atolia can be a good substitute for well-known technologies like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

In comparison to these two programs, Atolia provides more security and versatility. Take a look at the following to discover why Atolia is such a good choice:

Benefits of Atolia

Centralized Servers — Unlike other software that transports data between applications, Atolia maintains all of your data on a centralized server that you manage completely.

Easily Customizable – Atolia will adjust your interface to meet your goals and demands by modifying it.

User-friendly Interface — Atolia’s interface is simple to deploy and navigate. Everything is carefully organized, so you won’t have to worry about switching between tabs and folders every time you use it.

Atolia’s security measures are among the best in management software services. All data is encrypted and copied in France on numerous servers. Atolia’s physical office is highly safe, and it also has a number of security measures in place.

Atolia’s Pricing

Choosing the correct project management or collaboration software is critical, and one of the first considerations should be the cost, which should be weighed against the features and services it provides. Customers can sign up for a 30-day free trial with Atolia, and there is no need to enter credit card information. After the free trial, individuals can select between three packages to see which one best meets their needs.

Final Thoughts

The capabilities that Atolia offers its users show that it can compete with other well-known project management and collaboration software on the market. Atolia provides protection and flexibility at a low cost because of its competitive pricing structure and high-quality service.

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