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Best Choice Ezoic vs AdSense in 2022

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You can monetize the traffic of your website with the help of a lot of techniques. The majority of these techniques involve promoting third-party items. There are other advertising services available today that can assist you in earning money, but Google AdSense and Ezoic are the most popular options.

In this article, we will discuss with you these two options in detail. We will give you the reasons for each. For these reasons, we will tell you why one is better than the other. In this way, you will be able to find out which one can be your best fit.


Ezoic is a website optimization tool for digital publishers and website owners. Ezoic helps publishers in the evaluation and optimization of ad placements as well as website design using automatic software. Ezoic’s key aim is to improve the user experience across publisher websites.

Ezoic allows you to experiment with different ad placements. Hence, enabling you to see which combination generates you the most money.

According to Ezoic, you will witness a revenue boost of at least 50% if you implement their optimization. Ezoic aims to improve the delivery of ads on your website.

They are working together with Cloudflare to ensure that your website displays on a server that’s local to each visitor. Your advertisement will load faster regardless of where your viewers come from.


Using Google AdSense to monetize your web page is a straightforward and simple way. It monetizes your website or app traffic with display advertising.

It makes sure that marketers and publishers enjoy a high degree of protection, safety, and transparency while using AdSense.

Google AdSense in 2003 served ads using plain text instead of the graphical material that was dominating the advertising scene at the time.

This text along with reducing the interference of advertisements also improves page loading rates. Therefore, ultimately generating a more favorable marketing response from site visitors.

 Now let’s move towards the reasoning before choosing the best one.

Ezoic is a better choice

  • Ezoic collects your Adsense and Google Ads data and runs automated website tests. This help businesses enhance traffic and revenue by experimenting with hundreds of different ad position and style combinations.

In simple words, Ezoic will utilize AI technology to automatically place advertisements in various areas on your blogs and will use the optimal ad position to enhance your website earnings.

  • Multiple ad networks/partners compete for ad space on Ezoic’s blog. The bidder with the highest CPC wins. When a visitor sees such an advertisement, it increases revenue.
  • This frees up time for publishers to focus on creating content for their sites instead of worrying about ad placements and optimization.
  • Ezoic only displays what visitors want, including the number of advertisements you want to view on your site.

Leap is a tool of Ezoic. It can help you to improve the speed of your website. You also get recommendations for using the best technologies to improve the speed and reduce page load time.

Google AdSense is better

  • You can connect your blogger and YouTube accounts to AdSense.
  • Auto advertisements in AdSense are a simple approach to increase your ad earnings. Google utilizes algorithms to insert and optimize ad units into your website. Without overriding pre-existing ad units with auto-advertising. With auto advertisements, you can also choose which type of ad you wish to utilize.
  • You can check the statistics like the number of clicks on adverts, the cost per click (CPC), and click-throughout rate (CTR), a detailed report in Google AdSense.
  • Another advantage is that you can place ads on multiple sites from a single account of AdSense. When you’re running several businesses, this is best.
Ezoic AdSense

Final Words

If you’re blogging for quite a while and just want to make some money from it, Google AdSense is a popular choice among many bloggers. However, if you want to add another source of income or a better alternative to AdSense, Ezoic can be the best option for you. As  Ezoic uses artificial intelligence, it can improve your earnings by 50% to 200 percent. You can use both of them and link your AdSense account with the mediation app of Ezoic.

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