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Google Calendar Software Reviews

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Google Calendar has several advantages in both business and personal life. We use it at work to plan and organize virtual and physical meetings (with the presence of all the guests in 1 room). People confirm their attendance at a meeting by responding to an invitation or filling out a form. It is quite useful. It also aids me in planning and remembering many of my activities.

Google Calendar is a calendar management tool that aids in the scheduling and tracking of meetings and activities for businesses. It allows employees to create to-do lists and receive automatic reminders to finish tasks.

Team members can view the calendar in a variety of forms, including monthly, weekly, and daily views, using Google Calendar. Users can create events with details such as title, location, timing, and connected personnel using the help tool. Administrators can organize and schedule team activities, holidays, and meetings by creating calendar groups. Employees can also use the schedule view feature to display forthcoming events with information such pertinent photographs, maps, and dates and times.

Google keeps you up to date.

I’ve been on top of all of my personal, social, and professional events, appointments, and emails thanks to Google Calendar. For years to come, Google’s integration and synchronization will keep me a committed user. I’ve been doing it for 13 years and aim to easily double it.


I initially used Google Calendar when I was 12 years old. It has become second nature to me to arrange, remember, and manage many schedules now that I am 25. My favorite features are the syncing and interaction across several Google platforms.


Google’s customer service is a huge drawback. I had an issue where my account was accessed by someone else without my permission. My personal information, images, and accounts were all accessed, edited, and erased. For months, I sought Google’s assistance. They not only took months to contact me, but they were also of no use in the end.

The Benefits of Using Google Calendar

On several occasions, iCloud’s syncing has failed me. I haven’t had any similar problems while utilizing Google.

Google appeared to be the most popular brand at the time of the transfer. It had been 13 years since then. I’m delighted I changed my mind. It has been far superior.

This is a fantastic method to keep track of your schedule!

My whole experience with Google calendar has been really positive and helpful, and even when I buy a new device, my Google calendar is preserved into my Google account, so the same events in the calendar will appear on my new device.


Google calendar is simple to use and manage, and it’s a great method to keep track of crucial doctor’s appointments and birthdays. When you check your Gmail, you can also import data from an email directly into your Google calendar.


I have no complaints about this software; it has assisted me in remembering crucial events and appointments since I was diagnosed with short-term memory loss.

A single calendar for all of your requirements

In our office and across our firm, Google Calendar has altered the way we do business. This has aided us in increasing planning efficiency and improving employee familiarity with technology. Even those who were late adopters (because to apprehension about integrating technology) found Google Calendar to be simple to use and useful in managing various aspects of their work flow.


I enjoy being able to view the calendar in many ways, such as by month, schedule, or week. I particularly enjoy how it can sync events and tasks from other Google-based apps such as contacts, Google Tasks, and Gmail with ease. It has a simple user interface, and I believe that anyone can figure out how to use it if they take the time to read over it.

The biggest disappointment for me right now is that there is no way to enable the phases of the moon on the Google calendar mobile app. It provides many synchronization options in the settings for both mobile and online, especially syncing across platforms. The moon phase feature, however, appears to be limited to the Google calendar PC web edition. It’s another letdown, especially for a Google-based Android phone. Another feature I’m shocked isn’t available in the mobile app is the ability to modify the widgets.

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