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How to earn money with the Brave web browser

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Hello! Today we present the Brave web browser. Its premise is that it allows you to browse without annoying advertisements. However, perhaps the best part is that you can get rewards just by using it. Brave certainly gives you a different experience when browsing the web. Read on to learn more about Brave browser and how to earn money with it.

What is Brave, and what is it for?

The Brave browser was released in January 2016. Moreover, it aims to change the way online advertising works. It also provides users with great security and privacy. Brave Browser is presented with one main idea: it is the browser with integrated or native ad blocker. Brave is owned by Brave Software Inc. a privately held independent company based in San Francisco, California. In addition to. Brave has no obligations to or dependence on any other technology company, i.e., it is 100% independent.

On the other hand, the browser is based on Chromium, an open-source project focused on security and privacy without sacrificing features or performance. It is an open-source system and its code was released under the Mozilla 2.0 license. As you probably know, Google Chrome is also focused on it.

It is available in almost 160 languages, including four different dialects of Chinese. However, you should know that Brave Search is currently only available in English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish, but they plan to release more updates. In addition, Brave is free to use. On the other hand, it earns its revenue through an innovative model in which users can enable ads on certain sites and earn Basic Attention Token (BAT) to view paid content. They can then spend these tokens to tip content creators. Clearly, this represents a reinvention of the online advertising market. Surely, therein lies the innovation of Brave’s proposition, and why there are increasing inquiries about what Brave is and how it works.

Security and privacy features.

Protection shields. Brave browser has a shield’s menu that gives information on everything that is blocked or allowed on the open page. With this data, the user can control basic security settings. For example, tracking protection, forcing HTTPS connections. In addition to blocking scripts, cookies and device recognition.

HTTPS Everywhere. The Brave browser defaults to HTTPS to force websites to use secure page connections. If a site does not comply with this requirement, Brave presents the user with a clear warning notifying them that the site is not secure.

Built-in ad blocker. The built-in ad blocker is another great offering of knowing what Brave is. And that’s because ads can often be vehicles for malware or trackers.

Single password for multiple logins. The Brave browser user will be able to set a password to protect their saved mobile logins.

Regular updates. Undoubtedly, one of the great advantages of learning what Brave is and how it works is that you will be able to keep up to date. Indeed, this browser is automatically updated every three to four weeks.

Brave Rewads: how to make money with Brave?

The first thing you need to know is that this is an optional feature for Brave users. The Brave browser proposes an initiative that seeks to change the way online advertising works. It also aims to reward users for viewing ads. Generally, ad platforms keep all the revenue generated by advertising. Brave, on the other hand, keeps only 30% of the advertising revenue and shares the remaining 70% among its users. To make this scenario even more equitable, the Brave browser also rewards registered content creators.

As mentioned above, this feature is optional. Therefore, to use it, it is necessary to activate it. With this in mind, enter the 3 bars in the upper-right corner of the browser. Consequently, this opens the menu. Please scroll down to the bottom to Brave Rewards.

You will immediately go to the configuration menu. For example, it is possible to set the number of ads offered per hour. From 1 to 10 per hour. Additionally, you can set up the auto contribution mode. This way you support publishers and content creators. You can set the contribution from 1 to 20 BAT. By the way, at the time of writing this post, 1 BAT is valued at approximately 0.32$. On the other hand, you can also give tips to your favorite content creators from your earnings.

Give me my money!

Now let’s get to the interesting part. That is, how we will collect the money. The first thing you need to know is that the platform establishes two types of users to manage its rewards. We are talking about non-verified users and verified users. Unverified users can convert BATs into gift cards. In addition, through Gemini PAY, they can pay for goods and services (for now only available in the USA). You could also use BATs to make purchases through the application in numerous web3 (decentralized) applications.

You will receive your BAT rewards on a monthly basis. To check your BAT balance and your next earnings, click, or tap on the BAT icon in the address bar of your Brave browser. However, to mobilize BAT outside the Brave ecosystem, it is necessary to use an associated Exchange. For example, Uphold or Gemini.

However, to mobilize BAT outside the browser ecosystem, it is necessary to use an associated Exchange. For example, Uphold or Gemini. In fact, you can transfer your funds (or any BAT tokens deposited in your digital wallet) to an external address by verifying your Brave Rewards account. You can even exchange BAT for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Or simply convert BAT to your local currency for deposit into your bank account.

Very well, in this way we have seen how to make money with the Brave browser. Obviously, you will not become a millionaire, but depending on the country, you can get between 5 and 7 BAT per month. Which represents a small profit in money, but a lot in privacy. Unlike Chrome, for example. Bye!

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