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How to Start Blogging Career

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Blogging generates passive income which brings results almost after 6 months.And you should take it as a hobby.But work on it regularly and also, show consistency and determination to complete it. Before starting blogging as a career, you need to know some basic points like what is blogging and how it works. You also need to know blogging benefits, its procedures and everything link to it.

Here are some steps to turn your blogging into a real job like you need to know your blog.Or if you don’t have it then take inventory a draft of your own blog.  The second step is getting notice of the procedures as blogging is not a name of writing only. You have to bring the audience to your blog, grabbing attention, attracting readers to keep visiting your blog.  Therefore, make a draft and write demanded topics and diversify your skills also. When all requirements are fulfilled then apply for AdSense.

Is Blogging A Good Career?

No doubt blogging can be a good career for determinant and dedicated persons. Being a blogger means you are a boss of your own. You have to be a professional blogger and by setting a flexible schedule and with the right niche selection you can do blogging anytime when you want. Many people make an opinion that blogging is just a part-time job or it is just a hobby

What Qualifications do You Need to Be A blogger?

Here are some personal requirements for bloggers

  • Originality and creativity
  • You are able to do good niche research and after then keywords research also.
  • Content coverage
  • Keywords grouping ad topical authority sense
  • Good Concentration
  • Ability to emphasise and pick out relevant facts
  • You need to be able to write engaging content which must be clear and in compelling manners
  • Technical skills to switch between styles and forms of writing
  • Ability to handle pressure
  • A good time management skill

How to Start Blogging without technical experience

Here I am going to share some key steps to be followed to start your blogging at any type of niche without having technical experience

  • Find your passion and write your mission statement
  • Discover your community means selecting which community you want to work. As like you want to start a finance blog or fashion and fitness or etc.
  • Develop a memorable Brand. You need to make your blog a memorable brand and for this select brand named domain which must be easily pronounced and memorized
  • Choose the best and affordable web host like Namecheap, name silo, symbol host or etc. these all are the best hosting providers
  • Set up your hosting account and attach your hosting with your domain and get your SSL certificate also to secure your website from spams
  • After this download your WordPress and design your website. You can use free or paid themes and plugins to design your website and you can also design your website and upload it for your site.
  • You can also do blogging by your phones as blogger mobile apps allow you to post, edit and save and view articles. Even you can publish articles on the website through your mobile anytime from anywhere.

You Must Need to Know 10 Things Before Starting Blogging as A Career

  1. Blogging is a passion just
  2. Compelling Writing skills are demanded by blogging
  3. Blogging generates passive income it is not an overnight success magic
  4. Absolutely blogging involves discipline
  5. Consistency and determination are keys to success in blogging
  6. You should target more yield streams
  7. You must the ability to adapt to the change
  8. Never try black hat SEO tricks for your blog
  9. The future of blogging is bright. Blogging is ever green field
  10. Do regular checks and also balances, look at updates


I just want to conclude my words that blogging is a wonderful prospect in 2022 also. However, it is not easy to do and the success rate is 10 bloggers got succeed out of 100 and most bloggers fail.Because they took it as a quick getting money scheme. So, keep in mind for being a successful blogger you need a lot of patience and also hard work.Struggles of days and nights before you start generating your revenue as a blogger. Similarly, you can make money through affiliate blogs, AdSense blogs, service websites.Using WordPress advertising plugins, sponsored blog posts selling and even by flipping websites.

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